Vapor Technology Association

Oregon Vapor Trade Association Joins Vapor Technology Association

Contact: Christopher Ferreira/Greg Gilfillan
HILLSBORO, OREGON – August 7th, 2018 – Today, the Oregon Vapor Trade Association, Oregon State’s leading advocacy trade association for vapor and harm-reduction products and their related small businesses, announced it has joined the Vapor Technology Association’s (VTA) multi-state campaign to save the vapor industry.
VTA is the vapor industry’s premier public policy and advocacy organizations based in Washington, D.C. VTA is the leading advocate for manufacturers, wholesalers, vape shops, and entrepreneurs who develop, distribute, support, and create innovative and quality vapor products, providing adult consumers with a better alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes.
By joining the Vapor Technology Association, OVTA builds on its continuing mission in the advocacy arena by organizing manufacturers and retailers in the state of Oregon toward the common goal of harm reduction
“The ultimate goal of the OVTA is change minds and perceptions about the vapor products through education of state and local elected officials as well as policymakers” said Chris Ferreira President of the Oregon Vapor Trade Association.
The leadership and members of OVTA are excited to join the ranks of VTA’s other industry leading state associations fighting to maintain access to vapor products for adult smokers seeking an alternative to combustible cigarettes.

Chirs Ferreira, OVTA President, stated “Joining the Vapor Technology Association as a  national affiliate gives OVTA and its members an opportunity to engage in the education, legislative, and advocacy sections of the vapor  industry with professional and encompassing strategies.”
“Oregon Vapor Trade Association has been leading the way and we are excited about their decision to join our membership to move the vapor industry’s agenda forward in the State of Oregon,” said Tony Abboud, Executive Director of the Vapor Technology Association. “Not only has OVTA done amazing work to get the cooperation of vapor businesses in Oregon, but they will now be fully engaged with VTA’s nationwide network of more than 20 state vapor associations, working directly with VTA’s State Affairs Manager, and will be directly integrated into our federal campaign to save vapor.”
The Oregon Vapor Trade Association is a nonprofit organization representing manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers of vapor products for the state of Oregon. We are a consortium of these member companies that share a vision of unity regarding state and federal level advocacy programs and tobacco harm reduction with emphasis on public education.