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The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) promotes entrepreneurship, responsible public policies, and a high standard of safety for the vapor industry through the representation of manufacturers, wholesalers, and small business owners of innovative vapor products.

  • VTA's mission is focused:
  • Keep the vaping market open and competitive for both small and big players
  • Ensure the long-term viability of the industry
  • Defeat bills that stifle innovation critical to public health
  • Transform the public debate on vapor products


Full suite of services

VTA is the only national trade association that can execute a coordinated federal and state lobbying strategy combined with an integrated public affairs strategy to protect the vapor industry.
VTA provides a full suite of services to its members:

  • Federal lobbying on Capitol Hill and in all pertinent Executive Branch agencies
  • Experienced state lobbyists who we identify, interview, train and coordinate
  • Professional public affairs team to combat hostile media and promote the benefits of vapor technology
  • Regulatory guidance from FDA experts
  • A full slate of persuasive and informative position papers that can be tailored for legislators, regulators and media
  • Training for members to advocate on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures
  • Routine membership reports on developments in Washington, D.C., and in the state capitals
  • National conferences and regional workshops to educate, inform, and bind the industry together


We believe that diversity in membership is critical to ensuring that the Association truly represents the vaping industry.

VTA’s diverse membership includes:

  • Small and large device manufacturers
  • Small and large e-liquid manufacturers
  • Online and brick-and-mortar wholesalers
  • Online and brick-and-mortar distributors
  • Online and brick-and-mortar retail vape shops
  • Component and material suppliers
  • Importers


VTA is governed by a professional Board of Directors comprised only of representatives from companies that have a vested stake directly in the vaping industry. To ensure that our policy directives truly represent the best interests of the industry, no consultants or attorneys will serve on the Board. Our current Board members include the following national and international industry veterans with deep public policy experience:

Ron Tully

Partner, Next Generation Labs

Founder, TNV Ventures


Sanjiv Desai

Executive VP, Regulatory Affairs & General Counsel

VMR Products, LLC


Brittani Cushman

VP of External Affairs

Intrepid Brands


George Cassels-Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Tobacco Technology Inc.


Arnaud Dumas de Rauly

Secretary General, FIVAPE

CEO, GaiaTrend USA


Tony Abboud

National Legislative Director

Vapor Technology Association

Patricia Kovacevic

General Counsel &
Chief Compliance Officer

Nicopure Labs, LLC


VTA is run by professionals with a strong public policy and communications background. VTA’s National Legislative Director is both a lobbyist and attorney with years of experience representing heavily regulated industries, including the vapor industry, and implementing multi-state strategies to protect entire categories of products under attack.

VTA is hiring a full-time State Affairs Manager who has professional experience in governmental affairs and vapor industry issues.

Our Competitive Advantages

In addition to VTA’s professional management, our team includes a number of outside professionals who provide the highest level of sophisticated policy and strategic direction.

The vapor lobbying team

VTA’s federal lobbying firm – West Front Strategies – houses the lobbying team recognized on Capitol Hill as being the “vapor lobbyists.” WFS has represented our industry for years and has designed and implemented the only federal strategies being executed in Washington, D.C., on behalf of our industry.

D.C. Public affairs

The vapor industry has never had any control over the public narrative on vapor products. VTA’s media team has extensive experience in D.C. public affairs and is prepared to change the public discourse on vaping products. Just like the opponents of vapor, VTA’s public messaging will be unified and strong.

state by state

In 2016, vapor again will be challenged in multiple states. A team of state lobbyists, who have the right blend of experience and relationships, will protect the industry’s interests and, more importantly, will be coordinated by VTA to implement a consistent strategy to achieve VTA’s mission.

regulatory expertise

Industry members are starving for regulatory guidance. VTA’s seasoned regulatory legal team will help members navigate the regulatory scheme under which our industry will soon lie.


VTA provides numerous ways for interested companies to participate in our effort.


include U.S. and international companies that are part of the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and supply and distribution chain for electronic cigarettes and vapor products. Industry Members shall be recognized as members, shall be voting members and shall be eligible for Board positions.


are Industry Members who make a significant minimum financial commitment annually. Founding Members will be recognized as such at VTA events and on VTA publicity.

associate members

include consultants, service professionals, investment advisors, trade associations, insurance service providers, academics, legal and other professionals. Associate Members shall be recognized as members, but shall be non-voting members and shall not be eligible to serve on the Board.

friends of vta

include those individuals, companies, or other associations who can make unlimited voluntary contributions to support the efforts of VTA. Friends can elect to be recognized as a Friend of the Association or keep their contributions anonymous. Friends shall neither be recognized as members, nor eligible to vote, nor sit on the Board.

Given the full Suite of Services VTA provides, VTA has established Membership Dues that are both accessible and that will enable it to properly execute a professional strategy on behalf of the industry.

Send us a request for VTA’s Membership Classes and Dues here.




who can answer questions?

You should feel free to address any questions to Tony Abboud, VTA’s National Legislative Director.


Tel: +1 (312) 498-6060