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Bringing Vaping to the Frontline: Vape Shops in NHS Hospitals

Two vaping shops have opened at a West Midlands healthcare Trust offering staff, patients and visitors an alternative to smoking following a site-wide ban on the habit.

Ecigwizard shops are based at Sandwell and City Hospitals, which are run by Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust (SWBH).

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the grounds of the organisation, including in cars parked on site.

Anyone ignoring the ban and lighting up on site will receive a £50 fine. Smoking enforcement officers have been on site from 5 July and work alongside staff, including security staff, to challenge people smoking on site. Cameras to support the policy are also in place.

Joe Lucas, Head of Retail for Ecigwizard said: “We’re incredibly happy to announce the opening of our two shops at Sandwell and City Hospital, supporting the Trust’s smoke-free status. We are keen to offer vaping as an alternative to smoking, as a means to help people cut down or quit.

“Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust chose to partner with Ecigwizard because of our attention to detail on quality and safety, from testing eliquids in a purpose built laboratory and state of the art cleanroom.”

Ecigwizard director Ben Potter revealed his delight with their new partnership with the NHS and the UK’s stance on e-cigarettes: “We are thrilled that Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust has taken positive steps forward in combating tobacco smoking. The UK continues to show the world that vaping products are a valuable tool in the long-term goal of creating a smoke-free world.”

Dr David Carruthers, Medical Director of the Trust, added: “The Trust’s Board, and our clinical leaders, are united in the view that smoking kills. Given that simple truth, we can no longer support smoking on our sites, even in shelters or cars. Every alternative is available and we ask visitors and patients to work with us to enforce these changes. Giving up smoking saves you money and saves your health.

“No more passive smoking on our sites is a public health necessity.”

Ecigwizard, are celebrating their eight-year anniversary as one of the leading retailers in the e-cigarette industry and have been working with stop smoking services for the past 5 years.


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