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New Jersey Waterway Pollution to be Reduced Through Vaping

New Jersey is home to a beautiful coastline as its rivers, bays and estuaries are a treasure. At the Recreational Fishing Alliance, of which I am executive director, we are committed to protecting the rights of recreational fisherman and a big part of that effort is keeping waterways clean.

Across the United States, Americans are making important steps to cut down on products that pollute waterways. As plastic straws and bags continue to decline, another challenge in keeping the shores and water clean is cigarette butts. According to a study done by the American Legacy Foundation, cigarette butts remain the most littered item in the U.S. and anyone who fishes the coastline witnesses hundreds of floating butts.

As a lifelong fisherman and advocate for anglers, I’ve seen firsthand the environmental impact of cigarette butts. New Jersey has some of the best fishing grounds anywhere on the East Coast, and as responsible anglers we have a responsibility to keep our waterways clean.

As an organization we do not endorse smoking of any kind or any tobacco product. However we can support new technologies like vapor products that help adult smokers quit the nicotine addiction.

We all strive for a cleaner and healthier New Jersey. I hope our state and federal officials will work to ensure that vaping technologies are available to adults who rely on these products to help quit smoking and keep New Jersey’s waterways clean for all anglers.


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