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Unraveling FDA Decisions: A Threat to Public Health or Playing Favorites?

In this latest video, the Vapor Technology Association investigates the FDA Center for Tobacco Products’ decisions impacting millions seeking to quit smoking. 

Despite evidence supporting flavored e-cigarettes for cessation, the FDA’s crackdown raises concerns. The video exposes regulatory inconsistencies, emphasizing the need for science-based decisions promoting public health.

Key Points:

  • Flavored e-cigarettes, vital for smoking reduction, face unwarranted bans.
  • The FDA’s perplexing approval of only eight vaping products in four years prompts questions about regulatory consistency.
  • Despite youth use decline, arbitrary FDA regulations affect millions of adult smokers relying on vaping.
  • FDA’s misinformation and actions amount to regulatory negligence which disproportionately impacts marginalized communities.

Let’s come together and shape a future where science guides regulations for effective harm-reduction tools. Advocate with us for a balanced regulatory environment that safeguards youth and supports adults, particlarly those most in need, in their efforts to quit smoking.

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