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VTA Statement: Response to Gov. DeSantis’ Signing of SB1006 / HB1007.

WASHINGTON – April 29, 2024 – The following statement is attributable to Tony Abboud, Executive Director of the Vapor Technology Association (VTA):

“VTA is disappointed to learn that Governor DeSantis has signed into law SB1006/HB1007. While the legislation is a clear rejection of the originally ill-conceived PMTA registration bill pushed by Big Tobacco, the Attorney General, and the Florida State Legislature, it still raises numerous public health, legal, and constitutional questions. If not subsequently addressed, these questions will make it a job-killing, industry-crushing, and small business decimating law that will cripple Florida’s independent vaping industry and deny adult Floridians access to the harm reduction benefits of e-cigarettes.”

 “The passage of this law sets a dangerous precedent by giving complete power to the Attorney General, whose original intention was to remove all flavored vaping products from the Florida market, to pick winners and losers based on ambiguous and subjective standards; a power which, if not wielded properly will serve up the independent Florida vapor industry on a platter to Big Tobacco, imperiling the freedoms that are so important to Floridians.” 

“Despite these developments in Florida, VTA continues its call for state and federal officials to restore scientific primacy and integrity to the regulations which govern the safe and reliable sales of e-cigarettes to adult consumers.”

“To that end, VTA is eager to work with Governor DeSantis, the General Assembly, and the Attorney General to demonstrate why thoughtful and drastic changes in the law and the approach to e-cigarette policy are required in the 2025 legislative session in order to make sure that Floridians have access to their favored flavored e-cigarette products and that international tobacco giants overseas don’t profit by the elimination of the independent American vapor industry in Florida.”

“What’s at stake? A recent economic impact report shows the staggering losses associated with a de facto ban on vapes represented by this bill. Eliminating vapes will force more than 6,237 Floridians out of work and cost more than $319.1 million in wages and benefits, and result in the loss of $1.08 billion in economic activity in Florida.”

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